Thursday, February 28, 2013

Breaking out of garden funk mode

   The flower and garden show has concluded with a spectacular finish and a gold medal too.  It's sort of like coming home from vacation and back to the grind.  The whole process is exhilarating and exhausting simultaneously.  The barking of your wares, services and special talents with creative explanations about your garden creation are nightmares of the recent past.  The time of reflection is nearly over as the glitz of the show fades.

   Hopefully Spring is on it's way and the landscape business will return to a more normal pace.  Most of us are itchy to get gardening as we are encouraged by early bulbs, swelling buds, fragrant sarcococca and daphne, and early flowering trees.  Weather permitting hurry up with your late winter cleanups and pruning (projects that become difficult once things start to leaf out) and start planning the spring and summer garden.  Contact your landscaper to help you snap out of garden funk mode and get busy creating this seasons landscape wish list.

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