Thursday, February 21, 2013

News from this years flower show

   Seattles 2013 Northwest Flower and Garden Show is now in full swing through this Sunday.If you need inspiration for your garden,mind or soul the flower show has it all.Twenty Hollywood Themed display gardens are ready to inspect,critique or fall in love with;meet the garden creators and helpers and have them explain their display and the plant choices used to accomplish their creative theme.  The garden I'm associated with is the WALP collaborative effort depicting three movie genres;western,romantic and black and white.  The skillful direction of this years designers (Jefferson Landscaping and Looking Glass Design) and all the helpers from WALP have created a Gold Medal award worthy entry not to be missed.

   Come to the show and experience all it has to offer.....a useful tool in surviving Seattles long and dreary winter.I'll see you all there while staffing the display several times during the event.
Hasta la Vista, Jon L Shepodd

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