Friday, June 7, 2013

Summer is here and the time is right...

     Summer is almost here and the time is right for all things related to gardening. After the initial rush of spring planting comes the taming and pruning of all the trees, shrubs, and perennials. Pay special attention to pruning; those shrubs like Camellias and Azaleas need major work after bloom to control size and shape and to ensure next years bloom. Lilac , Philadelphus, Rhodies all appreciate extra attention now. Then there are the perennials that need feeding, staking ,grooming and slug and snail baiting to ensure a strong showing this season. Annual color plantings should be almost wrapped up and kept well tended to cope with weather extremes that summer brings. Vegetable gardens fill up the chore list with harvesting, watering, fertilizing and replanting the heat lovers..Don't panic....there is time to get it all done. As your dining on the freshest of organic produce   and other locavore treasures and all the vases are filled with flowers life is essentially good. Your hands are dirty but your mind is clear knowing you have participated in another gardening season. Reward yourself by sharing flowers and vegetables with friends and neighbors , beaming with pride with what you have accomplished.

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