Friday, August 2, 2013

August already? Really?

I am sure I'm not alone in being somewhat surprised at how fast the season is progressing or has blown by. The first summer drencher after a long drought is a reality check for all gardeners allowing us to stop and reflect on the garden frenzy we just experienced.Put down the hose and delay an impending project and give yourselves a well deserved gift of time, chances are some of that time will be spent admiring the mid summer gardens that are in all their glory. this is the most amazing Hydrangea year with so many outrageous displays almost everywhere.These are some of my favorites; Hydrangea Annabelle,Hydrangea paniculata in all of its forms,and the classic Hydrangea macrophylla.Mostly is shades of white, blue and purple they contrast beautifully with the warm tones of Achillea filipendula ,Rudbeckias and Heleniums. While your admiring all your hard work make practical assessments and take mental notes of the garden projects soon before you. Enjoy the summer and all it has to offer.....I'm off to the pea patch to pick dinner.When will it all end?

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